Building Jerusalem: Jewish Architecture in Britain

Seminal essays on Anglo-Jewish Heritage

edited and introduced by Sharman Kadish

with original artwork by Beverley-Jane Stewart
and photography by Anthony Harris

Vallentine Mitchell, London 1996 240 pp. 91 black & white illus.

ISBN 0 85303 283 1 (cloth) RRP £45/$59.50
ISBN 0 85303 309 9 (paper) RRP £19.50/$27.50



Sharman Kadish

Carol Herselle Krinsky
Between Europe and the New World: Britain's Place in Synagogue Architecture

Raphael M.J. Isserlin
Building Jerusalem in the "Islands of the Sea": The Archaeology of Medieval Anglo-Jewry

Clarence Epstein
Compromising Traditions in Eighteenth-Century London:
The Architecture of the Great Synagogue, Duke's Place

Edward Jamilly
Synagogue Bodies: Building Policy and Conservation Issues

Sharman Kadish
"Eden in Albion": A History of the Mikveh in Britain

Bernard Susser
Jewish Cemeteries in the West of England

Lesley Fraser
"Four Per Cent Philanthropy": Social Architecture for East London Jewry, 1850-1914

Edward Jamilly
"All Manner of Workmanship": Interior Decoration in British Synagogues

Stephen Rosenberg
Alternative Uses for "Redundant" Synagogues