Articles on UK Jewish Heritage

Academic, Professional and Popular pieces penned by Sharman Kadish

Last updated August 2016


‘Squandered Heritage: Jewish Buildings in Britain’
in Kushner, Tony (ed.) The Jewish Heritage in British History London, Frank Cass, 1992 pp. 147-165
[Reprinted from Immigrants and Minorities 1991 Vol. 10 Nos. 1/2 (March/July) 1991 pp. 147-165]

‘Four Synagogues’ in Catherine Yass Synagogue, ‘Art in SacredSpaces’ [sic]  Exhibition,
London, The Congregation of Jacob Synagogue, E1, 21 May - 11 June 2000

‘The Jewish Built Heritage in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Report on a Survey, 1997 - 2000’
European Judaism Vol. 34 No. 2 (Autumn 2001) pp. 14-29

‘Constructing Identity: Anglo-Jewry and Synagogue Architecture’
Architectural History Vol. 45 (2002) pp. 386 - 408

‘Manchester Synagogues and their Architects, 1740 - 1940’
Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society Vol.   (2003) pp. 7-32

‘The Cathedral Synagogues of England’
Jewish Historical Studies [Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England] Vol. 39 (2004) pp. 45-77

‘ “Bet Hayim”: An Introduction to Jewish Funerary Art and Architecture in Britain’
Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society Vol. 49 (2005) pp. 31-58

‘Sha’ar haShamayim: London’s Bevis Marks Synagogue and the Sephardi Architectural Heritage’,
Ars Judaica, The Bar Ilan Journal of Jewish Art Vol. 3 (2007), pp. 31-52

Clapton Federation Synagogue’ in Lisa Rigg (ed.) Hackney: Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored; 40 Buildings to mark 40 Years of the Hackney Society, London, Hackney Society, 2009, pp.93-5

‘The Jewish Presence in Wales: Image and Material Reality’ in Martin O’Kane and John Morgan-Guy (eds.) Biblical Art from Wales, Sheffield, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010, pp. 272-289

'Synagogues at Risk: Report Based on the Findings of a Survey Carried out by Jewish Heritage UK'  reprinted in Tony Kushner and Hannah Ewence (eds.)
Whatever Happened to British Jewish Studies? Jewish Culture and History Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2 (Summer/Autumn 2010), pp. 357-377

‘Jewish Funerary Architecture in Britain and Ireland since 1656’ Jewish Historical Studies Vol. 43 (2011) pp. 59-88

‘Jewish Heritage in Scotland’
Jewish Historical Studies Vol.47 (2015), pp.179-216


Reports and Conference Proceedings

‘The Survey of the Jewish Built Heritage in the UK and Ireland’
in Polonovski, Max (ed) Le Patrimoine Juif Européen: Actes du colloque international tenu à Paris, au Musée d’Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme, les 26, 27 et 28 janvier 1999 Paris and Louvain, E. Peeters, 2002 pp. 53-66

Synagogues At Risk: A report based on the findings of a survey by Jewish Heritage
London, English Heritage, June 2010

“Sha’ar ha-Shamayim”: London’s Bevis Marks Synagogue and the Sephardi Architectural Heritage’, in Aliza Cohen-Mushlin and Harmen H. Thies (Eds.), Jewish Architecture in Europe, Petersberg, Michael Imhof Verlag, 2010, pp.229-242‘

'The Situation, Preservation and Care of Jewish Cemeteries in the United Kingdom'  in Jewish Cemeteries and Burial Culture in Europe, Berlin, ICOMOS, Journals of the German National Committee 53, 2011, pp.82-87


Conference Abstracts

(ed.) The Future of Jewish Monuments in the British Isles, October 1991
Northants, Nene College, 1992

‘Building Jerusalem: Jewish Heritage Conservation in the United Kingdom’
in Program and Book of Abstracts, The Second International Jerusalem Symposium on Heritage: Heritage and Planning for an Era of Socio-Political Change
Jerusalem, 1994 p.15

‘From Temple Precincts to the Thames Valley’: A Brief History of the Mikveh in Britain, Twelfth Century to ca. 1850'
The Real and Ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Art: Fifth International Seminar on Jewish Art Jerusalem, Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University, 1996, np.

‘The Survey of the Jewish Built Heritage in the United Kingdom and Ireland’
in London 2001: 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy: Syllabus, London 2001 np.

‘The Jewish Buildings of Scotland’
Symposium on Jewish Settlement: Development and Identities in Scotland 1879-2004
Glasgow, Garnethill Synagogue, 2004 np.


Contributions to reference works

New Dictionary of National Biography [19th-20th century], Oxford University Press, September 2004 Printed and on-line editions.  Entries for 22 British Jews including 7 architects: H.H. Collins, Henry David Davis [and Barrow Emanuel], Nathan Solomon Joseph, Fritz Landauer, Edward Salomons, Lewis Solomon, Joseph Sunlight


Popular and Press

'The Federation's sad heartland'  HaMaor Journal of the Federation of Synagogues, London, 1990, (Pesach 5750/1990) pp.26-28

‘Anglo-Jewish Heritage is under Threat' Jewish Chronicle 15 Feb.1991, p.21

'Disused Synagogue a Monumental Disaster'Jewish Chronicle 11 October 1991, p.15

'A Monumental Task' Anglo-Jewish Association Review London, 1994, pp.16-18

'Historic mikvaot are yielding their secrets' Jewish Chronicle 11 August 1995, p.11

‘Fresh Hope for Threatened Synagogues’ Jewish Chronicle 20 March 1998, p.31

‘England’s Heritage Lottery Funds Survey of Jewish Monuments’ Jewish Heritage Report: A Quarterly Publication of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments Vol. I nos.3-4 (Winter 1997-8), pp.1, 8-9

‘First national survey of Jewish built heritage,’Context:Journal of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation No.59 September 1998, pp.36-38

‘Dublin Jewry’s lost opportunity’ Jewish Chronicle 23 July 1999, p.27

‘Selling off the family silver’ London Jewish News 1 March 2002, p.23

‘At Risk: Sharman Kadish gives a tour of Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham...’ Jewish Renaissance Vol.2 No.1 Autumn 2002, pp.19-20

‘British Jewry’s Built Heritage’ United Religions Initiative No.7 Winter 2002-3, pp.6-7

‘Save our Synagogues’ Jewish Chronicle 21 February 2003, p.30

‘Middle Street Synagogue’ Middle Street Synagogue Concert, Souvenir Brochure, 27th June 2004, np.

‘Star walls’ Jewish Chronicle 1 October 2004, p.27

‘Jewish Heritage UK: New Research and Recording’ English Heritage Conservation Bulletin Issue 46  ‘Places of Worship’ autumn 2004, pp.29-31

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‘The Burial Grounds of the Resettlement: And how to preserve them for the next 350 years,’ The Cable, JEECS [Jewish East End Celebration Society] No.1, summer 2006, pp.12-14

‘Local Jews need to wake up and look beyond their parochial noses’ [Higher Crumpsall Synagogue] Jewish Telegraph [Manchester edn.] 26 January 2007, p.15

‘Bristol Mikveh to go under the Hammer’ Jewish Tribune 22 February 2007, p.3

‘Heritage shul deserves a secure future’ [Higher Crumpsall Synagogue] Jewish Telegraph [Manchester edn.] 12 October 2007, p.4

‘Higher Crumpsall Heritage Shul’ The Voice: A Publication of the Manchester Beth Din Issue 15 (December 2007), pp.56-61

‘Architectural Gems’ [Liverpool], Jewish Renaissance, Jan.2008, p.20

‘A minyan of top UK shuls’ Jewish Telegraph 25 July 2008, p.19 [pp. no. Manchester edn.; all edns.].

‘Historic synagogues: appreciation and challenges’ English Heritage Conservation Bulletin Issue 61 ‘Places of Worship’ (Summer 2009), pp.13-16

‘Jewish Heritage in England’ Together: The magazine of the Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation, Princes Road Synagogue, September 2009, np.

‘Bradford’s Place in England’s Jewish Heritage’ The Bradford Reform Synagogue Star, September 2009, pp.3-4.

‘Historic shuls are making the Grade’ Jewish Telegraph 3 Sept. 2010, p.29 [all edns.]

'When the congregation have left' Jewish Renaissance October 2011, pp.23-24

‘When Mother Levy’s Children Weep’, Jewish Tribune 24 November 2011, p.14

'My Week', Jewish Chronicle 24 February 2012, p.31

‘Blackpool: The New Gateshead?’ Jewish Tribune 5 April 2012, p.15

'Managing the Past: a plan for the future' Jewish Tribune 7 June 2012, pp.30-31

‘Sensibly saving our synagogue heritage’, Jewish Chronicle, JC essay,13 June 2014, p.32
This stimulated Letters to the Editor, both for and against, JC 20, 27 June 2014 – plus feedback (ditto) behind the scenes!

‘The appearance of stained glass in the synagogue’, The Glazier: The Publication of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass 45, Spring 2015, pp.13-15

‘ Batei Olam: for eternity?
The care and preservation of Jewish cemeteries and how family historians can help’ Shemot: The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Part1: Vol. 23, 1, May 2015, pp.1-4
Part 2: Vol. 23, 2-3, November 2015, pp.10-15

‘Garnethill Synagogue: The Cathedral Synagogue of Scotland’, Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew Congregation Magazine
Vol.70 , No.1, Rosh Hashanah 5776/2015, pp.28-9

‘Finally: A Few Words from....Jewish Heritage UK’, Historic Religious Buildings Alliance E-Newsletter February 2016

‘We must find a cure for our awful ‘edifice complex’, Jewish Chronicle, JC essay, 4 March 2016, pp.40-41

‘Just how many Jewish Museums do we need?’, Jewish Telegraph (all regions) 11 March 2016, p.8

‘Are Britain’s Historic Synagogues At Risk?’, Historic Churches: The Conservation and Repair of Ecclesiastical Buildings 2016
(published June 2016), pp.10-12

‘Following in the footsteps of Leicester Jewish Tribune 3 March 2016, p.9


Letters to the Editor (most recent)

Jewish Chronicle
9 August 2013, p. 28 – Re fundraising for heritage outside London

20 February 2015, p.35 – Re Jacob’s Well, Bristol

8 January 2016, p.34 Letter to the Editor: ‘Masthead Memories’

Jewish Telegraph [Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow edns.]

12 April 2013, p.36 [Liverpool edn., back page] – re Liverpool Sites At Risk

4 April 2014 [All edns] – re Greenbank Drive Synagogue, Liverpool



Jewish Chronicle ‘Charity Matters’ Magazine
February 2013, p.30 ‘It’s time to repair the house’; 14 February 2014, p. 25 ‘A Place in History’; 13 February 2015, p. 30, ‘Repairing the House’; 12 February 2016, p. 37, ‘Sustainable Synagogues’


Reviews [Art  and Heritage books only]

Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England (London)
Vol.33 (1992-4) pp.278-9 [P. Lindsay The Synagogues of London]

The Jerusalem Post Magazine
22 Sep.1995 p.23 [ L.S. Weissbach The Synagogues of Kentucky]
29 March 1996 p.26 [H.A.Meek The Synagogue: N. Folberg, Historic  Synagogues of the World]

The Jerusalem Post Literary Supplement
28 November 1996 p.4 [D.Jarrassé L’Age d’Or des Synagogues; C.H.Krinsky  Synagogues of Europe]

The Jerusalem Post Magazine
26 September 1997 p.22 [S. Morris A Traveller’s Guide to Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries of the California Gold Rush]

16 January 1998 pp. 21-22 [ G.Sed-Rajna Jewish Art]
5 June 1998 p.21 [ H.Shreckenberg The Jews in Christian Art ]
7 May 1999 p.B12 [N.Golb The Jews in Medieval Normandy; R. Mundill England's Jewish Solution]
23 June 2000 [P.Renton The Lost Synagogues of London]

The Jerusalem Post International Edition
14 December 1996 p.22 [Jarrassé, Krinsky op.cit. - reprinted]
 24 January 1998 p.22 [Sed-Rajna op. cit. - reprinted]
14 May 1999 p.22 [Golb, Mundill op. cit - reprinted]

Jewish Art (Jerusalem)
Vols.21-22 1995-6 pps.193-4 [F. Felsenstein Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture 1660-1830]

Studies in Contemporary Jewry: An Annual (Oxford University Press)
Vol. XX1 Jews, Catholics and the Burden of History 2005 pp.349-52 [S.D.Gruber American Synagogue Architecture]

European Judaism (London)

Vol.29 No.1 Spring 1996 pp.146-7 [J.M.Lilley The Jewish Burial  Ground at Jewbury (York)]
Vol. 34 No.1 Spring 2001 pp.165-7  [L. I. Levine The Ancient Synagogue]
Vol.37 No.1 Spring 2004 pp.1798-180 [S.Weil India’s Jewish Heritage]

The Victorian: The Magazine of the Victorian Society No.30 March 2009 pp.22-23 [J. Jacobs Houses of Life: Jewish Cemeteries of Europe]

Jewish Renaissance (London) July 2009 p.44 [J. Ranston, Belisario: Sketches of Character: A Historical Biography of a Jamaican Artist]

July 2013, p.51 [A.Cohen-Mushlin, S.Kravtsov, V.Levin, Synagogues in Lithuania: A catalogue]

Jewish Tribune 30 January 2014, p.31 [Saskia Coenen Snyder, Building a Public Judaism: Synagogues and Jewish Identity in Nineteenth Century Europe (6  February 2014, p.27 - Letter to the Editor  - (by a reader, stimulated by review on 30 Jan)


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