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January 2014

New Edition of Best-selling Guidebook

JUNE 2015:

A brand new, updated and expanded edition of Jewish Heritage Director Sharman Kadish's best-selling architectural guidebook has just been published. Back in 2006, after going through two print-runs almost straight away Jewish Heritage in England completely sold-out. The book was originally published by English Heritage to mark the 350th Anniversary of the Readmission of the Jews to England. The new edition is retitled Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland, better reflecting the actual content, and the sections on Wales, Scotland and Ireland have been enhanced with photographs not previously published.  Sharman personally revisited every one the heritage trails that are featured, not only in London's East End, but also in Manchester, Birmingham and Brighton, accompanied by architects Barbara Bowman or Viorica Feler-Morgan. Barbara undertook, where necessary, to update the maps as her last task before her recent retirement. 

Particularly time-consuming was the addition of web addresses and full postcodes for every site entry, reflecting the rapid changes in technology over the past few years, especially the fact that Sat Nav has become commonplace. 'It hasn't been half so much fun this time round,'  Sharman remarked. 'Instead of getting out and about visiting communities and sites up and down the country, I feel that I have been virtually everywhere - or rather everywhere virtually (!) courtesy of Google Maps, Google Satellite and Google Streetview!'

'The biggest challenge was working out six or seven figure postcodes for cemeteries  whose residents, after all, aren't in the habit of receiving letters these days!  It was sometimes a bit trial and error to find reliable postcodes that would get visitors as close as possible to their chosen destination. I was occasionally reduced to peering at wheelie bins in Streetview to find out the address of the house next door

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