Grants Received

The following buildings, sites and projects have received public funding since 2004

Bradford Synagogue in 2013 was helped by the Bradford Council of Mosques as well as by HLF and Bradford City Council

Bradford Synagogue in 2013 was helped by the Bradford Council of Mosques as well as by HLF and Bradford City Council

In the case of Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grants (formerly RGPOW grants), the date given is that of the Stage I offer.

Belfast,  Jaffe Memorial Fountain (Grade II)
November 2003: Restoration as part of a major redevelopment of the Belfast Botanic Gardens

Bradford Synagogue (Reform) (Grade II*) September 2013: £103,000 HLF (RGPOW) grant. Plus £25,000 from Bradford City Council and £2,000 from Bradford Council of Mosques


Cheltenham Synagogue (Grade II*) March 2015: £11,500 Roof Repair Fund

Brighton, Middle Street Synagogue (Grade II*)
January 2004: £342,000 RGPOW grant

Edinburgh, Salisbury Road Synagogue (Scottish B List)
February 2003: £300,000 HLF grant

Glasgow Necropolis, Jews' Enclosure  (Scottish A List) August 2015: £13,125 Historic Scotland grant

Leicester Synagogue (Grade II)
March 2012: £43,000 RGPOW grant; July 2015: £81,700 HLF grant

Liverpool, Deane Road Cemetery (Grade II)
December 2010: £494,000 HLF grant

Liverpool, Princes Road Synagogue (Grade I)
February 2001: £166,300 HLF grant; June 2003: additional  £98,700 to a total of £265,000

September 2001: $15,000 WMF Jewish Heritage Program
December 2004: £84,000 RGPOW grant
February 2010: enhancement of £71,000 RGPOW to a total of £155,000

July 2016: £30,500 Roof Repair Fund

London, Congregation of Jacob Synagogue (unlisted)
December 2003: $15,000 WMFJewish Heritage Program

London, Golders Green Synagogue (Grade II)
April 2011: £111,000 RGPOW grant

London, Bevis Marks Synagogue (Grade I) May 2015: £88,500 Roof Repair Fund

London, Hampstead Synagogue (Grade II*)
2003: £175,000 RGPOW grant

London, New Synagogue, Stamford Hill (Grade II)
June 2005: £62,000 RGPOW grant

London, New West End Synagogue (Grade I)
January 2009: £108,000 RGPOW grant

London, Sandys Row Synagogue (Grade II)
May 2009: £254,000 RGPOW grant

Manchester, Higher Crumpsall Synagogue (Grade II)
March 2004: £130,000 RGPOW grant
May 2006: enhancement of £151,000 RGPOW, to a total of £281,000

Manchester Jewish Museum (former Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue) (Grade II*) May 2015: £426,900 HLF grant (Stage I offer with view to Stage 2 offer of £2.8 Million

Penzance, Old Jewish Cemetery, Lestinnik Terrace (Grade II)  December 2014: £13,100 HLF 'Our Heritage' grant to the Trustees, Board of Deputies Heritage Ltd

Plymouth, Plymouth Synagogue (Grade II*)
December 2003: £28,000 RGPOW grant

Reading Synagogue (Grade II) £94,800 Roof Repair Fund

Stoke-on-Trent Hebrew Congregation (unlisted) May 2006:  £43,700 HLF 'Your Heritage' grant for salvage and recycling of fixtures and fittings from Birch Terrace Synagogue, Hanley (demolished 2006)

Wolverhampton, Old Jewish Cemetery, Cockshutt Lane (Grade II) May 2014: £9,800 HLF Parks Programme


Last updated: 9th August 2016